Four thousand school children serenaded Kaiser Friedrich III with folk songs
under the great linden tree when he visited Nuremberg in 1487, and His Majesty
is said to have rewarded each with a gold florin on this occasion.
                                 - Jane Campbell Hutchinson / Albrecht Durer, a Biography

Perhaps it's just because
most of the text so far
in this scholarly biography of AD
is so clinical and dense, but
I think this morsel would have stopped me
even if it were strewn in some
paperback bodice-ripping romance
because so few pleasant and innocent moments
surface from the fifteenth century. Of course,
a gathering of four thousand students sounds a bit too
Teutonic for innocence,

but that school children,
folk songs, and a linden tree
were recorded at all by some attendant scribe
and then included in notes to the author
by the overworked grad-assistant
mining German black-letter in documents
from the Holy Roman Empire,
and then, despite being way-off-subject,
plunked as a refreshing aside by Hutchinson
in this de-assessioned tome from
the now defunct Pine Manor College library
that I got for four dollars

that, well, it makes my elbow tingle.

DDD / 01/30/23